How to Install a Simple Garage Organization System

Video Transcript

Video Transcript

RON HAZELTON: The weather so far on this trip has been super, but today a gentle rain is falling on Greenwich, Connecticut.  But the drizzle can’t dampen the spirit of Ann and Dick Eggbert, who say it’s going to be a great day for organizing, HouseCalls style!

ROH HAZELTON: Good morning!

DICK:  Good morning. 

ANN: Good morning, Ron.

RON HAZELTON: Hi, Ann, how are you?

ANN: Glad to see you.

DICK: Nice to meet you, Ron.

RON HAZELTON: Dick, pleasure to be here.  Nice weather you ordered up for us today, huh?

DICK:  Ah, great day for the ducks, isn’t it? 


DICK:  Yeah, but not for us. 

RON HAZELTON:  But not for us.  But fortunately, I think we’re gonna be inside, right?

ANN:  We are going to be inside.  We’re going to the garage.

RON HAZELTON:  O.k.  You know, I’ve got a question for you.  This house looks so well organized, how could your garage be in disarray?

ANN: Nobody sees the garage, Ron.

RON HAZELTON: Oh, a lot of people are about to see your garage.


RON HAZELTON:  Let’s take a look.  Show me where it is.  I’ll follow you guys.


ANN:  Here we are, Ron.

RON HAZELTON:  Oh my goodness!  Even worse than I imagined.  

DICK:  Enjoy it Ron!



RON HAZELTON:  So, here’s what I’m gonna suggest.  Let’s just clear everything out away from this wall, and then we’ll start down at that end, and we’ll, we’ll go section by section.
RON HAZELTON:  Dick and Ann dove right in, gradually clearing out all the items that had accumulated over the years.  Of course, I helped out too, but my stomach got the best of me and I had to stop for a little snack along the way.


DICK:  Wow!

ANN:  Look at this space!

DICK:  Look at the wall space!

RON HAZELTON: Now that we had a clean slate, it was time to come up with a plan.
RON HAZELTON:  I thought I’d start right here, next to the freezer.  How about if we put a base cabinet in here, maybe with a counter top on it, so that you can take things out and have a place to set them.

ANN: Excellent.

RON HAZELTON:  (READING) Step one, place panel A onto the body of the cabinet.
RON HAZELTON:  The Eggberts had purchased sturdy plastic cabinets that could be put together in a snap.  Literally.

DICK:  Oh there.

RON HAZELTON:  My beloved hand tools weren’t required.  Just a little Hazelton heave-ho.
RON HAZELTON:  Let me get the back here.  Yeah, O.K.

DICK:  You got it?

ANN:  O.K.

RON HAZELTON:  O.K.  Yeah go.


ANN:  Got it!

RON HAZELTON:  This thing right here, Dick?

DICK:  What?

RON HAZELTON:  This goes up inside. 
RON HAZELTON:  The doors went on last.  Then it was time for a little design work.
RON HAZELTON:  This wall cabinet above the base cabinet, what do you think?

ANN:  Hmmm.

DICK:  Gee, I hate to tell you, Ron, but I don’t think it’s right.  I, I, I, don’t feel we have enough room there, and uh,--

RON HAZELTON:  This way?

DICK:  Ann, do you agree?

ANN:  No, I do.

RON HAZELTON:  O.K. well, let’s, let’s try something else then.
RON HAZELTON:  Fortunately, these cabinets are like building blocks, light and versatile enough for us to move around and sample different options.
RON HAZELTON:  All right, what do you think about that?

DICK:  That looks better.

ANN: Good.

RON HAZELTON: Ann?  Take a look at this will you?  See the way this is setting off the wall right here?  That’s because there’s a curb right down here, and it’s just not going to go up close to the wall.  I don’t really like that.  I think stuff can fall down here.—

ANN:  Mm, hmm.

RON HAZELTON:  So what if we put a counter top on here that went from here all the way out to the front edge. 

ANN:  Oh, I’d like that.  That would be great.  Uh-huh.

RON HAZELTON: Most home improvement centers carry pre-made counter tops, that offer a quick solution in situations like this.  They’re pre-cut to standard lengths, very durable, and this one has a back splash to prevent objects from falling behind that cabinet. 

ANN: Oh it’s wonderful Ron!  I love it!
RON HAZELTON: It’s a little long, I’ll take it out back and just cut this off so it’s flush with this right here.

ANN:  No, you don’t need to do that.  Let’s push the cabinet down, give me a little extra space, and I’ve got a good idea for it. 

RON HAZELTON:  Down this way?

ANN:  Absolutely.  (PAUSE)  How ‘bout that?

RON HAZELTON:  You know, it’s ideas like that that make projects like this work.


RON HAZELTON:  O.K. Ann, if I could just have that screw—

ANN:  What, what are you gonna do?

RON HAZELTON:  I’m gonna, uh,  secure the counter top to the cabinets by drilling up through the top of the counter top… (DRILLING NOISE)
RON HAZELTON:  After watching me in action, Ann wanted to give the drill a try.
RON HAZELTON:  How do you feel about power tools, anyway?

ANN:  This is very, very exciting.

RON HAZELTON:  A woman after my own heart.  And a pro at drilling pilot holes too.  (DRILLING NOISE)  That curb we dealt with earlier prevents this cabinet from being flush with  the wall too.  So we build a ledger, a horizontal wooden piece that matches the depth of the curb.  This will also give us something to attach the cabinet to up top.  The moving crew brought in the cabinet, and sure enough the ledger had evened things out with the curb.  (DRILLING)  A few last screws, and the cabinetry installation’s complete. 

DICK:  Boy, solid!

ANN:  Solid!

RON HAZELTON:  Like rock!

ANN:  Yes!  Nice job!

RON HAZELTON:  I want to talk shelves now.

ANN:  O.K.

RON HAZELTON:  What I’m gonna propose for this whole wall, actually or down to that window, is an adjustable wire shelf system.  Now right here, over the counter top, I’d like to suggest a wide 16-inch shelf up here, and then down below it, a narrower twelve-inch shelf.
RON HAZELTON:  What makes this shelving system versatile, and extremely strong, is the support rail, which mounts at the top of the wall, next to the ceiling.  (DRILLING NOISE) The rail is secured by long screws driven directly into the horizontal two-by-four that’s always found at the top of a wood-frame wall. 
RON HAZELTON:  Now these are called standards, and if you notice right here in the end there’s a slot, just like this.

ANN & DICK:  Mm, hmm.

RON HAZELTON:  Now the way you put these up is that slot just slips right over that rail that we put up earlier.  Just like that.  And you can slide these, and put ‘em anywhere you want to.

ANN & DICK:  How great!

RON HAZELTON:  Isn’t that nice?
RON HAZELTON:  O.K. how’s that look?

DICK:  That looks plum. 

RON HAZELTON:  O.K.  Ann, drill a hole for me, right here.
RON HAZELTON:  Once we position the standards where we want them, we keep them in place by first installing plastic wall anchors, and then driving in screws. 


RON HAZELTON:  How about one right here?  Now this is where you can, at whatever spacing  you think, that you know, that looks probably about right.

DICK:  Let’s try this.

ANN:  Here you go, Ron.

RON HAZELTON:  I slip the rear of the wire shelf into slots at the back of the bracket.   Then I slide, or, ahem, gently push the shelf lip into the notch at the front of the bracket.
RON HAZELTON:  It drops down in right here.  That’s what we want.
RON HAZELTON:  Dick finishes installing the last shelf with a final hand check for good measure.  Then it’s time to see the fruits of our labor.  That mess from this morning has been transformed into a functional space, with a place for everything.  (PAUSE) Well, things look great, but we decide to add one last finishing touch.  A high-tech rack for long-handled garden tools.  I screw it into the wall studs, then Dick helps me add the rakes, brooms and shovels too.

DICK:  Very nice.

RON HAZELTON:  Well guys, it has been a very long day, but I think the results are worth it, eh?

DICK:  Everything looks great.

RON HAZELTON:  You like it?

ANN:  Absolutely wonderful.  Better than we could have ever hoped.

RON HAZELTON: A place for everything, everything in its place.

DICK:  That’s right.

RON HAZELTON: Well, I’ve gotta get going.  It was so great working with you, I really, really appreciate it.  It was so much fun.

DICK:  Great to work with you.

RON HAZELTON:  What’s this?

ANN:  Something for the road, Ron. (LAUGHS)

RON HAZELTON:  Bones for the road?  This is for my dog, Woody. Or, ah, maybe not (BITES).

DICK:  And many, many thanks from both of us.

RON HAZELTON:  You’re very welcome.

End the Chaos in Your Garage by Installing a Quick and Easy Garage Organization System with Base Cabinet and Shelves

Organize your garage and a little piece of your life with a simple garage organization system.  Count the benefits!  It improves garage appearance, helps you find stuff, makes it safer by removing the clutter, and lets you remove dusty bunnies and spider webs easily while providing practical visible and hidden storage. That's not just a win/win--that's a five-way win!

Clear the Wall Where the Garage Organization System Will Go
Step 1

Clear the Wall Where the Garage Organization System Will Go

Clear the clutter on the wall where the garage organization system will be installed. It's an opportunity to discard, recycle, and find belongings that you have seen for more than a year. Now you can see what's what space-wise.

Plan before Purchasing Garage Organization System Materials
Step 2

Plan before Purchasing Garage Organization System Materials

Consider space and the types of storage required as you plan the garage organization system. It should be multipurpose and customized to your needs. A base cabinet and shelving provide both hidden and visible storage.

Purchase a Durable and Easy-to-Assemble Garage Organization System
Step 3

Purchase a Durable and Easy-to-Assemble Garage Organization System

Purchase components for the garage organization system that are durable and easy to assemble. Ready-made kits for a plastic base cabinet are available with snap-together construction. Its modules can be moved to try different configurations for optimum use.

Check out Obstacles before Installing the Garage Organization System
Step 4

Check out Obstacles before Installing the Garage Organization System

Test the fit of the base cabinet in the garage organization system before installation. If the wall aren't square or have curbs and obstacles that prevent components from fitting without gaps, a ready-made countertop may save the day.

Add a Countertop to Solve the Garage Organization System Problem
Step 5

Add a Countertop to Solve the Garage Organization System Problem

Purchase a pre-made standard length countertop with a backsplash for the cabinet base to extend the use of the garage organization system and solve the fit problem, too. Secure it to the cabinet base with wood screws.

Add a Ledger to Solve the Garage Organization System Problem
Step 6

Add a Ledger to Solve the Garage Organization System Problem

Install a ledger behind the tall cabinet in the garage organization system to solve the same curb/obstacle problem and offer a support to which the cabinet can be screwed. The tall cabinet will fit and match the front profile of the short cabinet.

Secure Shelving Rails for the Garage Organization System
Step 7

Secure Shelving Rails for the Garage Organization System

Purchase adjustable wire shelving for your garage organization system, choosing from a variety of shelf widths and fixtures. Secure the support rails next to the ceiling in the header at the top of the wooden stud wall.

Mount Shelf Standards for the Garage Organization System
Step 8

Mount Shelf Standards for the Garage Organization System

Mount the vertical shelf standards for the garage organization system by slipping the slotted end over the rail installed at the ceiling. Slide the standards left or right for positioning and leveling before securing them with plastic anchors and screws.

Position Shelf Brackets for the Garage Organization System
Step 9

Position Shelf Brackets for the Garage Organization System

Mount the brackets for the garage organization system, positioning them as desired along the standards. Snap the back of the wire shelves into the notches on the brackets first, and then snap in the fronts to secure them.

Add a Tool Rack to the Garage Organization System
Step 10

Add a Tool Rack to the Garage Organization System

Arrange belongings on your garage organization system as appropriate for the items stored. Adding a rack for long handled garden tools completes the system, proving that there is a place for everything and everything is in its place.