How to Use a Truck as a Tool

Video Transcript

Video Transcript

For me, tools are both my livelihood and my passion. They can be simple, like this tape measure, or complicated, like this miter saw or something in between. Let me ask you a question. Have you ever thought of a truck as a tool?

Well, if a tool is a device for getting work done, then the truck certainly has to qualify. And that started me thinking. If I could design a truck to be ideal for myself, well, what would it be like?

Well, I'd want something that could work like a horse, pull like an ox, maneuver like a gazelle, but drive like a luxury car. I'd like to be able to carry large loads, pack in plenty of people and get into an average size parking space.

I'd start, of course, with a fully loaded, state-of-the-art pickup. Then I'd add a few things. To carry stuff longer than the truck bed, I'd have a roof rack. To enable me to put an eight-foot load into a seven-foot box, I'd install a bed extender.

I'd drop in a bed liner so I could toss in bulky loads without worrying about dents, dings and scratches. Now, when it comes to keeping things in their place, an adjustable cargo rod would do the trick. I'd like flush mounted tiedowns that install in the stake holes, pop up when I need them and drop out of sight when I don't.

For loose loads that might not stay put, a heavy duty cargo net would do the trick. Something that snaps in place and snugs down easily. A portable lightweight ramp would let me drive aboard just about anything that had wheels.

And there's got to be something out there that would let me unload bulk items like sand, gravel and mulch without having to do it a shovelful at a time. I really want an easy way to get into the cab, as well as the bed from both the side -- and the back.

The ideal truck I have in mind has plenty of easy-to-reach, secure storage, both in the bed, and inside the cab. Speaking of the cab, for my truck to truly be a tool, it also needs to be a place for conducting business. A spot where I can work on my computer, make phone calls, get driving directions and maps from my next trip, check out a DVD when I want to, and do it all in comfort.

And, oh yeah, whether it's for work or play, I want plenty of muscle for towing. So what do you think? Is a truck a tool?
Well, if it's that kind of a truck, could there be any doubt?

Learn how to use accessories to get the most of your truck as a tool.

The American auto industry has been redesigning and improving the pickup truck for 100 years. Over that century, this class of vehicle has evolved into more than a good-looking and reliable means of transportation--it has muscled into a powerful and versatile workhorse that proves its pedigree in work and play. By meeting owner's needs with a few additional accessories, automotive manufacturers have expanded the concept of "truck as tool," taking the vehicle from cargo hauler to handsome sports vehicle and beyond to office on wheels. Here are just a few of the steps to make your truck both tool and transport.