How to Fix Nicks and Gouges Using Crayons

Sometimes when it comes to repairing a small nick like this in a piece of furniture, I can find the solution in my son or my daughter's art supplies in the form of a wax crayon.  I choose one that comes close to the color of the surface I'm repairing.  Then, using a butane gas lighter like those used to light fireplaces, candles or grills, I carefully melt the tip of the crayon, and let the liquefied wax drip into the nick or gouge. As soon as the wax has solidified, I buff off the excess with a piece of very fine (#0000) steel wool.  Often, I add a second color using a different crayon; then blend the two together using the steel wool. 

So, the next time you've got to negate a nasty nick, well, check with the kids.  Most likely, they'll have just what you'll need.