How to Make a Magnetic Organizing Board

When disassembling something with a lot of small parts, it can be disconcerting to wonder if you'll be able to get it back together. One thing that helps is to organize these pieces as you take them apart; putting them in the proper order and labeling them.

This technique is a great way to organize those small metal washers, screws, nuts and bolts. Start with a scrap piece of melamine shelving. Melamine is plywood with a non-stick vinyl coating.

Apply strips of pressure-sensitive magnetic tape - as many as you feel you'll need. Trim off any excess with a utility knife.

When disassembling something, lay the screws, bolts, washers, and springs on the magnetic tape and label them as to where they go.

Now, your parts will be grouped and labeled, and if this gets tipped, they're not gonna go anywhere.
When you're finished, spray some cleaner on the melamine, wipe it off and it's ready for the next project.