How to Replace a Toggle Switch with a Dimmer Switch

The first step in this and any electrical job is to turn the power off at the circuit breaker or fuse panel. To prevent anyone from turning the circuit on accidentally, put a piece of tape on the breaker. Next, remove the screws that are holding the switch plate. Now here is where I like to use this tester to make sure that there is no electricity present.  If there were, the tester would react like this.

Next, remove the two screws that are holding the switch itself in place. Loosen the terminals, and disconnect the wires. If the wires aren’t wrapped around the terminals, like these were, they may have been placed in the back of the switch, like this. If that’s the case, to remove them, take a small screwdriver, place it in the slot next to the wire, and, simply, pull it out. If the ends of the wires are bent, clip them off, and strip off the insulation. Attach the wires coming out the wall to the wires from the dimmer switch, by twisting them together and securing them with a plastic wire nut. Then, carefully fold the wires as you press them back into the box and screw the switch in place. Finally, replace the switch plate and restore the power. Well, there you have it, a romantic setting at the flick, or should I say the twist, of a switch.