May 13, 2022

A Positioning Clamp For 90 Degree Angles

What Is A Positioning Clamp?

A positioning clamp is a specialized tool meant to secure components together while they are being assembled. For example, it can hold cabinet parts while you install the fasteners. It is also suitable for building boxes or shelving. It is the best solution when you need to square up corners in your woodworking assembly. 

In this video and blog, I’ll demonstrate a particular positioning clamp hat I like to use because it is simple, inexpensive, and easy to use.

Why is a Positioning ClampMan demonstrates how to use a positioning clamp Useful?
Certainly, if you’re working on a project solo, these types of clamps allow you to free both of your hands to work. When constructing a box, for example, It holds all four sides in position so you can actually use your hands to drill pilot holes, install fasteners, or make final adjustments... These positioning clamps are spring-loaded and lightweight, making them easy to use. They will not mar your work pieces. Because 90° angles are a woodworking essential, you’ll find these clamps a handy addition to your workshop.

This Positioning Clamp is Simple To Use

This spring-loaded positioning clamp couldn’t be easier to use. You simply squeeze the spring to open the jaws and placeMan holds a corner positioning clamp the tool over the corner you want to secure. Position each side of your work this way and repeat the process. Once all four positioning clamps are holding the assembly together, your hands are free to complete the job. 

Removing the clamps is just as easy as putting them on. Squeeze the tabs releases the tension,  allowing you to easily take them off. 

One useful feature of these particular clamps is a sliding centerpiece that allows it to self-adjust to different material thicknesses. It can even be used to attach two pieces of wood with different thicknesses to the same joint. You can imagine how handy this would be while working on a bookshelf or side table, for example.

Man drills into a wooden boxThese positioning clamps help make securing a 90-degree angle a lot easier - especially if you are working alone. For more about clamps, check out my DIY tutorials for an easy way to make a clamp extension and my Ultimate DIY Clamp Hack.

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