June 28, 2012

A Dumpster in a Bag

This post is in partnership with Bagster. All opinions are my own.

Waste and debris are usually part of any significant home improvement project.   For really big jobs, like a kitchen remodel or room addition, you’ll probably want a full-sized dumpster to collect and dispose of unwanted construction and demolition materials.

Buy it.  However, when it comes to small to mid-sized improvement projects or  a good old fashioned  basement or garage clean up, Waste Management’s Bagster Dumpster in a bag  might be a terrific option.  You buy one of these fabric containers at your local home improvement store for about $30.  Then, take it home, fill it with up to 3,300 pounds of unwanted material and call Waste Management for a scheduled pick up.  There is an additional pick up fee that varies by locale.  The service is available in many, but not, all areas.  It’s easy enough to call the company or visit the website to find out whether it’s available where you live.

Fill it.  I used my Bagster bag to dispose of old building materials and assorted debris that had been accumulating for some time. Among other things, I tossed in wallboard, decayed lumber, rotted fence sections, scrap wood and my neighbor’s dilapidated skateboard ramp that hadn’t seen a quarter pipe trickster in nearly a decade.

The bag holds three cubic yards and I used every bit of it.  As the company points out, three cubic yards is enough to hold twenty 30-gallon trash bags, nearly fifty sheets of drywall or 900 square feet of carpet or tile.   While you can’t use the Bagster bag to dispose of things like hazardous chemicals, paint,  electronics and major appliances like refrigerators, the flexible fabric is strong enough to handle large objects like bathtubs and heavy material such as old concrete and stonework.  

I can see where the bag would be the ideal size for projects like fence and window replacements, flooring and carpeting upgrades, roofing rennovations and emergency damage clean up.

Gone.  When my Bagster bag was full, I called the number stenciled on the side of the container and a customer service rep scheduled my pick up.  In my case, the service was both courteous and prompt.

For more information about Waste Management’s Bagster bag, check out their website, http://www.thebagster.com or look for the bags in your local home improvement store.

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