November 06, 2013

Clever Updates for Three Traditional Hand Tools

This post is in partnership with Apex Tool Group. All opinions are my own.

New Takes on Time Tested Tools

Tried and True Standbys Perform Even Better with New Features that Really Work!


Jaw Dropping Improvement to the Trusty Prybar
The prybar has its roots in antiquity.  It’s actually a version of the lever, a tool first written about in the 3rd century BC.  For the most part, the prybar has remained relatively unchanged until recently when Crescent tools introduced its Code Red version.

The single biggest innovation in the Code Red prybar is a unique sliding jaw that gives the tool some real advantages over its predecessors.   For one, the moveable jaw can be positioned in a way that allows the bar to grip onto framing lumber and “lever” a twisted board back into position.  Equally impressive is the way the adjustable jaw makes it so much easier to grip and pry out nails – even those in dry, age-hardened wood.  See the video for a convincing demonstration of how well this works.


Can't Quite Put Your Finger on It?  Now You Can.
The tape measure is another tool overdue for an upgrade and Lufkin, a name synonymous with high quality measuring devices, has made the leap with two interesting innovations in their Control Series line.  While these improvements may seem simple, they’re significant for anyone who uses a tape measure frequently.  The first is a clever drag feature that allows the user to control the amount of tape movement with a touch of the finger.  The second involves a flared design for the hook on the tape end.  This little innovation allows the tape to be tipped up on edge without the hook slipping off and brings the tape markings closer to the work surface allowing  for more accurate measuring and marking. 

Bringing Faster, Smoother Adjustment to the Adjustable Wrench
In the U.S. and Canada, the adjustable wrench is often referred to as a "crescent wrench" the brand popularized by the Apex Tool Group.  Without doubt, this tool is a staple in practically every workshop and toolbox.   Apex has introduced a specialized innovation of the Crescent wrench called the RapidSlide  that incorporates a slide mechanism in place of the thumb screw … making adjustment even faster and more convenient.  Take a look at the video to see just how it works.

Three clever updates on traditional hand tools created by folks who really understand hand tools and put high value on functionality.

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