November 23, 2015

Control Your Existing Garage Door from Anywhere Using Your Smartphone

Open, Close and Monitor Your Garage with Your Smartphone

This post is in partnership with Chamberlain. The opinions and recommendations are my own.

For more information on the MyQ Garage Universal Smartphone Garage Door Remote featured in this video click here.

Sometimes, when we’re in a hurry it’s just possible to rush off so quickly that we may forget to close the garage door.  When we do remember, the only way to remedy the situation is to return home, check the door, and, if it’s open, close it.

Your Smartphone Does It All  Chamberlain’s MyQ Garage changes all of that.  With MyQ Garage your smartphone now allows you to monitor and control your garage door from anywhere you have internet access.  You can also receive alerts anytime the door is opened or closed.


Uses Your Home's Wi-Fi  The MyQ Garage has two main components a Wi-Fi hub and a door sensor which tells the system whether the door is open or closed.  The Wi-Fi hub works in conjunction with your wireless network router and your smart-phone or tablet.

Connecting the hub to the home’s Wi-Fi network can be done using your smartphone.  The hub does require a strong Wi-Fi signal in the garage.  If necessary, a Wi-Fi range extender can be used to boost signal strength.  The MyQ app is a free download from the app store.


Works with Your Existing Garage Door  The MyQ Garage can be used with a wide range of garage door brands and models.  It’s just a matter of selecting the right one from the list in the app, then synching up the hub with your existing door opener by pushing the opener’s learn button.  

The system is designed to be used only on sectional garage doors, equipped with infra-red safety sensors that stop and reverse the door if there’s an obstruction.  

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