April 12, 2014

Ingenious LED Guide Light Built into Outlet.  Snaps on.  No Wires.

Discovered at this year's Internation Builders' Show, this newly available LED guide light is actually built into a replacement receptacle cover.  It installs in less than a minute.

Placing SnapPower LED Guide light onto a standard electrical receptacle.No Wiring.  Spring clips on the side of the unit make contact with the screw terminals on  any standard receptacle, providing power for the integrated LED lights.

What's particulary nice about this design, called Snap Power,  is that it does not protrude from the receptacle and leaves the outlets completely free for other uses.  The device has a built-in photo-electric cell that automatically turns the light off during daylight hours and on when it gets dark. 

SnapPower LED guide light

Really New.  The concept is so innovative that inventor, Sean Watkins, a Utah electrician, had to petition UL to create a new category for it.  The guide light costs only about ten cents a year to operate.  The LED's will last for up to 25 years.






Giant Snap Power Outlet

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