July 19, 2016

Ridgid 12V Palm Driver Kit

RIDGID® 12V Palm Driver Kit


At first look, the Ridgid 12V R8224K looks a lot like a palm nailer, only this isn’t a nailer – it’s a super-compact cordless impact driver with good feel and balance.

We have all seen cordless pistol-grip and right angle impact drivers, but I don’t think I have ever seen a palm impact driver before. Have you? This might be the world’s first.

Another important thing about this impact driver – it has no trigger switch!

Instead, Ridgid designed their palm impact driver with a Push-to-Drive feature that offers pressure-sensitive speed control. The absence of a trigger switch means users can grip and hold the tool in whatever way is most comfortable for them.  Because of the balance, feel in my hand and low profile this is becoming my go to tool for driving screws.

Available at The Home Depot

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