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The Ultimate DIY Clamp Hack

How to Clamp Wood Using Tape

Clamps are that extra hand you wish you had to hold materials together. They can be versatile tools, but especially helpful when gluing, holding your work tight and flush until the glue sets. Using clamps helps with precision, givFilament tapeing you clean, professional-looking joints.

When you think about a clamp, you can imagine it in various shapes, sizes, and even materials. But, I bet you wouldn’t think something as simple as tape can be used effectively as a clamp. 

You will be surprised to learn filament tape, often used for packaging, is strong enough to be used as a DIY clamp. Watch the video to see my tip and get the know-how for the next time you’re in need of a clamp.

What is Filament Tape?

Filament tape is a pressure-sensitive tape that has embedded fiberglass filament strands in the adhesive which make it very strong, almost impossible to tear apart.

This type of tape is typically used in the packaging and shipping industry. It’s used as a closure for corrugated boxes, aiding boxes with heavy loads, and reinforcing weak boxes. 

The strength behind this type of tape makes it the perfect candidate for a DIY clamp. It does an excellent job of holding materials together.

Man puts filament tape across wood

Making Your DIY Clamp 

In the video, I glue together four frame sections, each with miters on both ends. After brushing glue on all eight miter surfaces, I lay the sections end-to-end, face-down on my workbench.

This is where the filament tape comes into play. I pre-cut the tape into strips four to six inches long and place two pieces across each miter joint.

Man removes filament tape from wood

There are two very important things to mention at this stage. Make sure the pointed ends of the miters are firmly in contact with each other and use firm pressure when pressing the tape onto the surface. This will ensure the maximum adhesion and strength of the filament tape. 

Once you apply the tape, fold up each side of the frame Once the glue is dry, simply remove the tape from all four corners. 

This homemade DIY clamp hack is easy and does an excellent job of holding joints together. There are creative ways to get more out of the clamps you already have, but if you’re in a pinch (pun intended!) try using filament tape to make your own clamp. 

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