June 02, 2014

Twin Cutter Cordless Mower with Power to Spare

40 Volt Cordless Mower Delivers Impressive Power and
Long Run Time

This post is in partnership with Greenworks. All opinions are my own.

With ever improving battery technology, it was only a matter of time until lawn and garden equipment went cordless.  To see just how far things have come, I decided to get behind Greenworks new G-MAX 20" 40V Cordless Twin Force mower and cut some grass.


Big Time Battery PowerGreenworks' G-MAX 20
This handsome machine is powered by two 40-volt, lithium-ion batteries.  According to Greenworks, the mower uses SMART CUT technology to monitor mowing conditions and adjust power output.  The net result is greater cutting efficiency and run times of 70 - 90 minutes. 

Unique Twin Cutting Blades
This high-tech lawn cutting device also features not one, but, two blades.  The company maintains that twin synchronized cutters deliver a better cut quality Twin blades on Greenworks' G-MAX 20and improve the mowers mulching and bagging capability.  In my test run, I did find that grass blades were sheared off cleanly and the rear mounted bag collected virtually all of the clippings.  I also appreciated the fact that detaching the bag for emptying was quick and simple.  Take a look at the video and you’ll see what I mean.

Greenworks makes the point that this is a good mower choice for the small to mid-sized yard.  I would agree.  I found it to be easy to maneuver and with plenty of power to mow through thick grass.  Perhaps the mower’s most pleasing attribute, though, is how quietly it goes about doing its job – no racket, no fumes and no trips to the filling station for gas.

Using the one-handed height adjuster on Greenworks' G-MAX 20Strong on Safety and Convenience
The Twin Force also features a well thought out safety system, a convenient,  one-handed, single lever cutting height adjustment  and a folding handle for more compact storage and easier transporting.



String Trimmer Uses Same Power SystemRemoving the battery from Greenworks DigiPro String Trimmer

The same 40 volt batteries that run the Twin Force mower also power the Greenworks DigiPro string trimmer.  This tool features a high efficiency, long-lasting, brushless motor that carries an impressive ten year warranty.  The trimmer operates at 9,000 rpm making it comparable in power and speed to gas operated models but a great deal quieter.

A lock-off switch prevents accidental start-ups and the runtime on a single fully charged battery is up to 50 minutes.    The trimmer also accepts a wide range of accessories.

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