April 27, 2015

The Latest in PVC Decking PLUS a Lightweight Paver for Resurfacing Decks and Patios.

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Ultra Realistic PVC Decking

Azek Deck calls its Vintage Collection the “next generation of cellular PVC decking”.  There are a few reasons why I would agree with this description, but, perhaps the most compelling, would be the appearance.  This product represents a giant step forward in the ongoing challenge to make PVC look convincingly like real wood.

Why Does it Look so Much Like Real Wood?
State-of-the-art technology makes possible an embossing pattern with fine texture lines that do a remarkable job of simulating open wood grain.  This, combined with dramatic streaking and slight board-to-board variations, gives the planks a realistic and somewhat rustic look.  The overall effect is good enough to raise the question:  “Is it or isn’t it (the real thing)?”

What is Capped Cellular PVC?
The decking core is made from cellular PVC that is strong, yet considerably lighter than wood composite. This core is then wrapped in a tough PVC cap designed to stand up to wear while being highly stain, scratch and stain resistant.  In short, the collection combines the best of both materials.  Or course, it’s virtually maintenance-free, impervious to moisture and insects, and mold and mildew resistant.

A Brick-Like Surface Even a 5th Grader Can Put Down

Resurfacing a tired deck or patio with Azek Resurfacing Pavers literally is child’s play.  The product is made from up to 95% recycled material such as tires and food containers and weighs less than half as much as concrete pavers.

But what really struck me about this product was the absolute ease of installation.  Resurfacing Pavers can be put down right on top of an old concrete patio or walkway, even over an existing wood or composite deck.  They require no mortar or adhesive.  Instead, they set into grids that automatically align and space each brick while holding it in place.   

The system is designed to drain water, requires practically no maintenance and is quite comfortable to walk on.

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