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How to Install Polystyrene Foam Crown Molding


Learn how Step-by-step video demonstration showing how to cut, attach and finish polystyrene foam crown molding.

Crown molding made of polystyrene foam has several advantages.

  1. Foam crown molding is lightweight and comes in 8-foot sections making it easy for one person to handle
  2. It is installed using quick set adhesive eliminating the need for nails and mailing
  3. Polystrene crown molding can be easily cut, even with a knife
  4. Imperfections can be quickly hidden with spackle
  5. It can be painted with water-based paint

This video demonstrates every installation step and provides useful tips and techniques.

The polystyrene molding used in this project was provided by Creative Crown Molding.  You can click here to go to their website.

For this project, I did cut miters on the corners.  However, you can eliminate the need to do that by using these corner blocks also available from Creative Crown Molding and other suppliers.

This molding came in eight foot sections which means it can be conveniently shipped.


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