Learn to Install a Storm Door to Add Function, Light, and a New Look to the Front Door

Feel the summer breezes or keep winter's blasts at bay, all the while admitting light after you install a new storm door. A storm door kit with good instructions makes assembly and installation a one-day project that's easy for the average home owner.  The result is a handsome storm door with a white aluminum frame and a beveled glass panel.

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using the index hole to install storm door hinges
Step 1

Install Storm Door Hinges Using the Manufacturer's Index Hole

Install the storm door hinges on the same side of the door frame as the existing door. Use a power drill to drive the first screw into the single index hole the manufacturer has provided to position the frame properly.

using a self-centering bit to install the storm door
Step 2

Match Hinge Holes as You Install the Storm Door

Install a self-centering drill bit to bore the remaining holes for the storm door hinges. Its retractable sleeve lets it match the hinge holes to install storm door hinges precisely. Secure the hinges with screws.

shortening the hinge plate as we install the storm door
Step 3

Cut the Hinge Plate to Length to Install the Storm Door

Measure the door height to determine the length of the hinge plate. Mark the measurement on the hinge plate on the door and cut off the extra length with a hack saw before proceeding to install a storm door.

positioning the frame to install the storm door
Step 4

Position and Install the Storm Door without Glass or Screen

Remove the glass and screen. Stand the storm door upright in the doorway with hinges on the left. Both hands and feet help to install a storm door! Secure the recessed track/channel to the door frame with screws.

snugging screws to install the storm door
Step 5

Secure the Hinges to Install the Storm Door

Drill pilot holes through the hinges with the self-centering bit. Drive flat-head screws into the jamb through the hinges to install a storm door securely. Snug the screws, but avoid over-tightening them and distorting the hinges.

caulking the drip cap to install the storm door
Step 6

Caulk the Drip Cap as You Install the Storm Door

Caulk the back side of the drip cap and slide it over the top of the door to center position. Drive in screws to secure it as an important water-proofing part of the project to install a storm door.

snapping trim over screws as we install a storm door
Step 7

Conceal the Screws as You Install a Storm Door

Secure the molding to the door frame. Snap the metal trim over the tracks/channels to conceal the screws as you work to install a storm door. Work all the way around the door frame's perimeter.

using a template to position hardware as we install a storm door
Step 8

Make Holes for the Hardware in the Storm Door Kit

Mark holes for the hardware to install a storm door kit. Use a spring-loaded punch to start the holes. Bore with a power drill and small bit, but switch to a larger bit to complete the latch set holes.

positioning the hardware on the project to install a storm door
Step 9

Secure the Latch to Install a Storm Door

Attach the knob and latch mechanism to both sides of the door with screws and a hand-held screwdriver. Open and close the door, latching and unlatching it as the real test of success when you install a storm door.

inserting strips to secure the glass as we install a storm door
Step 10

Add the Glass to Install a Storm Door

Insert the glass panel. Secure it with manufacturer's taper strips, squeezing the sides of each pre-cut strip together to insert it at the edge of the glass. You've completed your project to install a storm door.

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