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A Simple Fix for A Wobbly Chair

Fix a Wobbly Chair Quickly

A tipsy chair that rocks back and forth because one leg is shorter than the others can certainly be an annoyance. Usually, the solution to this problem is the addition of a spacer to the bottom of the offending short let, or the removal of a small amount of material from the longer legs. The truth is, though, this is often a trial and error process with its own measure of frustration.
Glue gun being used to fix wobbly chair leg
Here’s a clever way to correct the wobbles and it’s guaranteed to work the first time around. All you’ll need is an inexpensive glue gun like those used for craft projects. A dollop of glue on the foreshortened leg and, voila! Stability is restored.

And, by the way, this solution works equally well for tipsy tables.

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