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Cordless Chain Saw and Electric Lopper for Tree Work

Now if you've got trees like I do, well, from time to time you're bound to have to cut off a branch or two. Now you could use one of these or even this, but there are a couple of relatively new tools out there that can make the job go a whole lot easier.

An 18-volt nickel cadmium rechargeable battery, powers this cordless chain saw from Black and Decker. On a single charge, it's capable of well over 100 cuts. Its lightweight design and 8-inch cutting bar make it ideal for trimming branches up to several inches in diameter. It's also handy for cutting fireplace-sized logs. This tool has the advantage of being completely portable, yet very quiet. This corded tool is called the Alligator Lopper, also from Black and Decker. Think of it as a small chain saw with a set of innovative clamping jaws all wrapped up in a tool that makes short work of cutting stuff that's just, well, too big for manual pruners and loppers.

This 'Gator is one fast cutter and can handle thick branches up to four inches in diameter. If you've got a little weekend cutting or lopping to do, well, you might want to check these out.

You can find the lopper at here and the cordless chain saw here.


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