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How to Apply Frosted Glass Window Film

The great thing about frosted glass like this is that it gives you privacy but  it also allows light to come through.  It’s perfect for a bathroom like this or for a glass surrounding an entry door.  And the good news is, you can get the effects of frosted glass without actually having to replace the window.  Here’s how. 

This is a thin plastic film called “wallpaper for windows” that actually clings to the inside of the glass.  Installation is simple.  First measure the glass.  Then, on the backside of the film, mark the measurements.  Cut the window film to size with a utility knife or scissors.  Then, clean the glass thoroughly and also wash your hands to keep oil from getting on the glass or film.  Add about two drops of liquid dish washing detergent to a spray bottle full of clean water.  Then spray the window with the soapy water.  Peel the paper backing off the film and apply it to the wet window.  Use the side of your hand to squeeze out any large bubbles.  Spray more soapy water on the surface of the film and then squeegee-gee out the small bubbles starting in the center and working to the edges. 

Well there you go, the look of etched glass in just minutes.


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