Compact Florescent Lamps (CFL's) , requre a dimmer designed specifically for this kind of bulb.  Many of these dimmers can also be used with conventional incandescent and halogen bulbs.  For more information click here.

Three-Way Dimmer Switches:  I haven't done a video on 3-Way Switches yet, but this webpage at has a great graphic that shows, with wonderful simplicity, how a three-way switch works.  Understanding this basic operating principle takes a lot of the mystery and confusion out of the subject.

When it comes to indoor lighting, it's no longer a matter of black or bright, there's a whole range of shades in between, thanks to the wonderful world of dimmers. When dimmers first came on the market, most were knob-style dimmers like this.

Today, there's a lot more to choose from. You can have a slide dimmer with an on-off toggle on the bottom...a mini slide with a push button on-off...Mini slide dimmer with push button on/off switch
Mini slide dimmer with decora style rocker switch or even smart dimmers that can store preset lighting themes and levels.
To replace a standard light switch with a dimmer, first turn off the power. Remove the cover plate and back out the two screws holding the switch in place. Pull the switch out of the wall and disconnect the wires from the switch.

If the existing switch has wires wrapped around terminals like this, you'll need to either straighten the wire or snip off the hooked ends. If you snip, you'll probably need to strip off the insulation.
Dimmers typically come with pigtails that attach to the wires in the box. To make the connections, twist the wires together and secure them with wire nuts that are usually provided with the dimmer.

With the connections made, carefully fold the wires and push them to the back of the box, set the dimmer switch in place and drive in the mounting screws. Replace the switch plate, tighten the screws and turn on the power. You're done!
Whether you want to set the mood or see to work, you'll find dimmers that are simple, smart and good looking.


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