You don’t have to live with a doorbell that you don’t like.  It’s easy enough to change it.  Keep in mind that while it’s operated by low voltage it’s still an electrically operated device so you make to make sure to turn off the power at the circuit breaker.  Many doorbell covers like this one simply pop off some require you to take out a couple of screws.  The next step is to take off the wires which are attached to these terminals, but notice the terminals are marked.  This one says front right here and this one says “tran” or transformer.  You want to mark those wires before you disconnect them. 

We’re going to use these little tags that came with our new doorbell.  O.K. now with those in place we can go ahead and begin to loosen these terminals.  Now with the wires loose we’ll next remove the screws that are moving the doorbell against the wall.  To install the new doorbell we’ll slip the wires through this hole in the back, check to make sure that it’s vertical or plumb.  Mark the location for the new screw holes, drill the mounting holes, insert small plastic anchors.  Then attach the doorbell with screws, reconnect the wires to the terminals and snap the cover in place.  And there you go.  You can chose from doorbells that will play as many as sixty different tunes, including this one.


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