Replacing your kitchen faucet is a job you might be reserving for the plumber.  But the fact is you can do it yourself.  Begin by turning off the hot and cold water supply at the valves.  Now, if there is one tool you’ll need for this job it’s this.  It’s called a basin wrench.  Here’s how it’s used.  The basin wrench is just about the only tool you can use to get at these hard to reach spots up behind the sink.  First, we’ll loosen the nuts that hold the water lines in place.  And then remove the retaining nuts that hold the faucet assembly to the sink.  With the faucet loose, we lift it out and unscrew the spray hose.  Form some plumbers’ putty into a coil and position it on the sink.  And then press this nylon gasket firmly into the putty.  Now I’ll insert the small end of the new sprayer hose through the hose guide in the sink and then thread it back up through the center hole in the gasket.  I wrap a couple of turns of Teflon tape around the nipple on the end of the sprayer hose before attaching it to the faucet. 

Now it’s just a matter dropping the faucet into the holes in the sink, screwing on the retaining nuts from below, and reattaching the water line.  With everything connected, it’s time to turn the water back on.   (WATER RUNNING) You know, a new faucet gives your sink a brand new look/ and you can see, you don’t have to wait for someone else to do it for you.  You can do it yourself.


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