Got a big hunk of concrete missing out of your steps like this?  Well, it looks worse than it is; it is actually not that hard to repair.

To help insure that our replacement corner will not break off I begin by boring three holes into the step by using a hammer drill.  Into these I will insert first an expansion anchor and then a lag screw to create a reinforcement post. 

Now as I tighten this up the lag shield is going to expand and kind of jam itself into the hole here.  Once all three posts are in place I paint on a bonding agent its purpose is to allow the new concrete to bond to the old without cracking.  I’ll give it a few minutes to dry.  Our next step is to mix up some patching cement with water, in this case I’ve also added a bit of sand to match the texture of the step.  Next, I begin to fill the cavity, making sure to force the concrete all around the post.  I apply plenty of pressure using a pointing trowel to push the concrete into every small crack and crevice.  Then I switch to a margin trowel and begin building the area up one coat at a time, as it hardens I continue troweling to form the shape.  Finally I go over the area with a damp rubber float to blend the surface with the existing concrete.


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