The other day I received an email from a viewer. It says, Ron just viewed your demo of pour spouts for paint cans. One thing I noted about the collapsible spout was that you poured from it incorrectly.  I was taught by my grandfather how to pour from cans, jugs and jars without the dreaded glug glug glug effect. Simply put the spout in the 12 o'clock position and pour slowly enough so that the product does not fully cover the spout opening.This leaves a path for air to re-enter and avoids creating a vacuum inside the container. Also, use this technique to prevent splashing when pouring volatile fluids such as camp fuel and solvents from those rectangular cans with the opening in one corner. Best regards, Ken, Brookfield, Missouri.

Thank you Ken.

A low cost paint can pouring spout from Shur-Line

Fix scuff marks on walls:  a storage solution and a touch-up applicator all in one handy tool.


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