When it comes to driving small fasteners like this, there hasn't been a perfect way to start them. You can use your fingers, but in many cases, your fingers may be bigger than the nail, which makes hammering a tricky proposition.

Needle nose pliers are a decent solution, but they can cause the nail to tip fairly easily. A comb can also be used to hold these small fasteners, in a pinch.But finally, somebody has invented a better way to hold small fasteners. It's called the Thumbsaver.

The end of the tool features a magnetized groove designed to hold nails in place as you nail them.
Place the nail where you want it, give it a couple of taps, then pull the tool away. 

The nail holder also comes in a larger version that would work well with stubby framing bracket nails. This would prove handy in a confined space.The tool works well for cable staples and brads, as well.

Thumbsavers: a solution that's long overdue!

The ThumbSaver is available at www.AwesomeTools.com/thumbsaver


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