June 07, 2019

3 Extension Ladder Accessories You’ll Want to Know About

These Accessories Make Your Extension Ladder Safer and More Versatile

An extension ladder is, without question, indispensable when it comes to reaching upper interior walls, second-story windows, gutters, electrical fixtures and more.

Pivit Ladder tool under ladderThe PiVit Ladder Tool from ProVisionTools, Inc. is primarily a ladder leveling tool that’s simple to use, absolutely reliable and completely adjustable, although it has no moving parts. Outside, this is my tool of choice when it comes to leveling extension ladders on sloped or uneven surfaces. It simply slips under one leg of the ladder and slides further in as grade steepness increases.

A pivot ladder on a step Inside, the PiVit Ladder Tool makes it possible to level any extension ladder when working in stairwells. The integrated gripper fingers prevent it from slipping on stairs and an anti-slip grit keeps the ladder base securely in place.

A pivot ladder sits on stairs to help you reach tall spacesA second PiVit Tool slipped over any ladder rung provides a work support allowing one end of a plank to be placed on top. The opposite plank end is placed on a stair or landing creating a stable scaffold for reaching otherwise inaccessible areas.

Pivot ladder tool creates scaffoldTwo PiVit Ladder Tools used in combination with a pair of extension ladders, provide a secure scaffolding system for working on exterior walls – extending the working area and eliminating the need to constantly reposition a ladder.

This same tool also works as a ladder standoff when working directly in front of a window.

pivit Ladder tool platform holding tools such as a drillThe ProVision PiVit Platform is designed to snap onto the PiVit Ladder Tool providing a handy work surface for a roller tray or a one-gallon or five-gallon can. It also can hold a variety of both hand and power tools.


pivit ladder helper on gutterLeaning an extension ladder directly against gutters can cause the gutters to dent or bend. To prevent this, ProVisionTools, Inc. has developed the Ladder Helper. It features a non-slip material inside and simply hooks over the gutter edge using an extension pole. When the job is finished, the accessory is easily removed, again using the pole.

This suite of ladder accessories makes working on an extension ladder safer and more efficient than ever before.

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