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If You’ve Got a Project That Involves Demolition, You’ll Want to Know About This Tool.

A Unique Pry Bar Designed Specifically for Professional, Precision Salvage

Recently, I put this new tool called the Self Prying PRO-BAR to the test by prying, lifting and separating a variety of materials.

The Secret iFinger pointing to Zenith Industries Prying Pro Bars the Wedge. The Self Prying PRO-BAR features an integrated wedge built into the face of the tool. When used with a hammer, the face is driven between or under materials causing the wedge to generate a very forceful prying action.


Man using Zenith Industries Floor Lifter to remove ceramic tile Terrific on Tile. I wish I had had this tool when I installed new kitchen flooring in our home. I needed to remove twelve-inch square tiles that did not give up their grip easily. I tried the Self-Prying PRO-BAR on a similar tile and found that the closed wedge applied triple the force of prying alone, quickly and easily breaking the bond between the mortar and substrate.


Man using Zenith Industries Floor Lifter to remove wooden flooring

Attacks Hardwood Flooring. This same mechanical advantage came into play when removing hardwood flooring like ¾” solid oak. Not only does the job go quickly, but usually the flooring comes up intact … often with the fasteners still embedded.  The same is true for sub-flooring.

Man using the self-prying pro-bar to pry up a decking board


Demolishes Old Decking. I took the Self-Prying PRO-BAR outdoors and used it to remove some old decking. The deck came up without difficulty when I drove the face of the tool into the joint between boards then pried the plank upward.


Man using Zenith industries trim puller to remove baseboard

Fast But Gentle on Trim. Back inside, I decided to try removing some interior trim work. The tool really excelled here. Not only did remove wide baseboards, door trim, and window casings easily, it did so without damaging the material – important if the plan is to re-use or salvage materials.


Man pries wooden framing apart

A Beast on Framing. At this point, I moved on to framing. Here, too, the center wedge easily separated the framing members and by twisting the face sideways I was quickly able to finish the job.

When it comes to demolition, this tool really is “engineered for the task”. Take a look at the video, you’ll see what I mean.

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Finger pointing to Zenith Industries Prying Pro Bar
February 13, 2020

If You’ve Got a Project That Involves Demolition, You’ll Want to Know About This Tool.

I try out a new tool designed and engineered to do one task exceptionally well -- demolition.


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