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5 Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

 5 Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

Get Your Home Ready For Spring

Spring is around the corner and with the warmer weather comes a whole new to-do list for your home. Spring home care is vital to upkeep your home’s health and maintain your systems. Be sure to check these off your list to get the most out of your home. 

1.  Clean Outdoor Surfaces 

Man cleaning sidingWhen the weather gets warm, one of the first things I do is head outside and start soaking up the sunshine. While doing so, I always walk around my home and see the damage that fall and winter has done to my outdoor spaces. I’m talking about discoloration on fiberglass doors, decks, my patio, and patio furniture. I’ve found that using a concentrated oxygen powdered cleaner, is effective in removing dirt, mildew, algae, fungus. It comes in a powder form that I mix with hot water in a clean garden sprayer. Let the solution sit for a few minutes, then agitate it by using a scrub brush, no heavy scrubbing is needed. Wait a couple more minutes, then rinse. It’s so satisfying to see the dirt coming right off. 

2.  Service Your Central AC System

Man cleaning out ac unitCentral air conditioning systems can sit idle for months at a time, then get pressed into service as warmer weather arrives. Now’s the time to schedule your seasonal maintenance to make sure your system is in good condition. There are also several things you can do now to make sure that your AC keeps cool as temperatures rise

3.  Seal up cracks and gaps outside

Fluctuations in temperatures can sometimes create cracks which if left untreated can make your home vulnerable to the elements. Springtime is a great opportunity to walk around your home and seal windows, door frames, or any cracks that you may see when wood expands and contracts. Man cleaning gutters

4.  Clear debris from gutters 

Left uncleaned, a clogged gutter can cause you some really big problems. You know, keeping them clean is not really that difficult. The first thing you want to do is take out the big stuff, the twigs and the dried leaves. I don’t mind using my hands for this, but down below all that is some pretty ooky stuff.  For that, I have a DIY hack that involves a milk jug for cleaning the goop out of guttersGreen Grass

5.  Overseed bare spots 

Want a greener, more lush lawn? This time of year is ideal for overseeding bare spots.  Restoring grass to bare spots on your lawn caused by piles of leaves or objects remaining on the grass too long can best be accomplished by overseeding

Crossing off these maintenance tips gets you one step closer to a Spring-ready home! Enjoy the weather and enjoy your home.

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