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A DIY Solution for Cutting Round Objects

How To Turn A 5 Gallon Bucket Into A Work Holding System For Cutting Round Objects

When it comesMan with bucket to cutting round objects like PVC pipes or wooden dowels, one of the challenges is often holding it steady while you’re making the cut. It goes a lot easier if you have something to hold your workpiece steady. This simple DIY solution involves outfitting a 5-gallon bucket to become your work-holding system for cutting round objects. 

Man measuring making a markThe materials you’ll need to make these modifications to a 5-gallon bucket are A scrap piece of trim, a combination square, and a jig saw. 

Find a scrap piece of trim that’s about 50 percent wider than the largest material that you are likely to cut. Then, center the piece of trim across the top of the bucket and mark the spot where the edges intersect the rim.

Using a combination square, extend lines downward from the marks on the rim at a 45-degree angle until they intersect, forming a V. Then, using a jig-saw, cut out a V shape. Now, you can simply place the round object into the V, grip it securely, and saw it easily. Man cutting bucket

It couldn’t be simpler to cut! The reason I like this simple hack is because it holds the workpiece securely in place, prevents twisting, and is at a comfortable height for sawing. Man cutting round object

Not only is this work-holding system good for PVC piping, but it also works for wooden dowels and in fact any other round objects. If you found this tip helpful, you may enjoy these tips about cutting wood and other material. Follow us on our YouTube, Facebook, and Pinterest social media channels for the latest projects. 

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