March 23, 2013

The Two-Pronged Approach to Lowering Heating and Cooling Costs

Energy Audits Can Save You a Bundle -- So Can Modern Heating and Cooling Systems

Here's the good news.
An energy audit you perform yourself will almost certainly uncover ways to reduce what you spend for energy leaving more money in your pocket.  Here's even better news.  Many utility companies will perform a very sophisticated audit at very low cost or, in some cases, for free.

A modern energy audit puts your home through a stress test of sorts to find out if, how and where it might be leaking heating or cooling dollars.  Technicians who perform this investigation draw a vacuum on the entire house, pressurize air ducts, employ infra-red temperature sensors and use numerous other techniques to track down potential energy wasting conditions. 
A thorough audit not only identifies problems, but also provides recommendations on how to correct them. 

Perform Your Own Audit
While, admittedly, not as sophisticated as a professional version, do-it-yourself energy audits are simple to perform and can yield valuable cost-saving information.

  • Check Your Attic Insulation
  • Test for Air Leaks
  • Examine Weather Stripping
  • Check Ductwork
  • Check for Attic Leaks

View the video for more information on how to conduct these tests.

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