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Change It Up: Swapping Out Your Light Switch Plates

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Get Creative: Replacing Your Light Switch Covers

Tired of looking at the same old bland light switch plates in your house? Light switch plates may seem like a small detail, but they can make a big difference in upgrading your home's look. In this blog post, we will explore DIY options for upgrading your switch plates, including using picture frames or creating custom designs. Get ready to elevate the style of your home with just a simple swap!

What is a Light Switch Plate?

A light switch plate is a covering that fits over a light switch to safeguard the wiring and give a polished look. They come in different sizes and materials, such as plastic, metal, or wood. Replacing your light switch plates can transform the aesthetics of your room.

How to Choose the Right Light Switch Plate?

When selecting a light switch plate, take into account your room's design and style. Choose a material that complements your walls, like metal, plastic, or wood. Select a switch plate with the right number of switches and make sure it fits the dimensions of your current switch box. Always follow safety precautions and be sure to fix any loose electrical outlets

DIY Options for Upgrading Light Switch Plates

Using Picture Frames as Alternative Covers

Upgrade your light switch plate with a creative and cost-effective solution by using picture frames as alternative covers. Choose a frame that matches your room’s style and color scheme, then cut a piece of cardboard or foam board to fit inside it. Next, attach the light switch plate to the cardboard or foam board using adhesive or screws, and insert the framed cover over your old switch for an instant upgrade. Say goodbye to boring old wall plates and hello to a stylish new look! 

Creating Custom Designs on Light Switch Plates

Creating custom designs on light switch plates is a fun and easy way to upgrade the look of any room. Using materials like stencils or paint can help you achieve a one-of-a-kind look that complements your color scheme. No need to be an artist; pre-made decorative switch plates are also available for purchase. 

Tips and Tricks for Light Switch Plate Upgrade

Customizing light switch plates is an easy way to upgrade the look of your home. For added convenience, consider upgrading to smart switches that are energy-efficient. You can also use DIY techniques or decorative covers to create unique designs that complement your room's color scheme. When working with electricity, always prioritize safety by following proper procedures and precautions. 

A Step Away From A Light Switch Upgrade

Light switch plates are more than just functional pieces in your home, they can be an easy and affordable way to upgrade your space's look. With some creativity, you can easily transform your basic light switch plates into artwork pieces that complement your home decor.

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