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Deck Restoring and Repair, Which Approach is Right for You?

Man on deck newly restored

There are several different approches to repairing and restoring your deck. One of these is bound to work for you.

Rain, dirt and sunlight all take their toll on any wooden deck.  Over time, things can get dark, dull and worn-looking. Despite the fact that your deck may look unsightly, chances are, you can bring it back to life with one of the methods below.

When your Man powerwashing deck deck is really dirty, you will need to clean it before applying any type of water proofing sealer. A power washer is the most efficent waApplying stain to deck y to do so. The quickest way to apply a sealer is with a sprayer or a painting pad fitted with an extension pole. How to Weatherproof a Deck

In some cases, power washing alone may not be enough and you may need to use a deck wash. The preferred way to apply a deck cleaner is with a pump sprayer followed by a light brushing to help loosen the dirt. It's realy remarkable how much cleaning alone can improve the apearance of outdoor wood. However, even after cleaning a deck may still look dingy. This darkened appearance is often due to sunlight exposure. This calls for a deck brightener. How to Restore and Maintain a Deck

If your deck needs help but you don't have a lot of time,here's a way to clean, seal and stain all in a single day. You will also need a power washer for this approach but using a 3 in 1 wood cleaner and sealer cuts down on time. Clean, Stain and Seal a Wooden Deck in a Single Day

Sometimes your deck may be beyond repair. Wooden decking that’s rotted badly, warped or cracked and split may be so far gone that replacement is the only sensible Weathered deck solution. If your wood is showing signs of dry rot, it is time to replace the entire surface.  How to Replace a Rotten Deck or Decking

Before and After picture of an old deck that was restored


I've learned that when it comes to decks, the most imprtant thing is to keep them clean and well sealed. Here are over 12 tips to keep your deck looking great and add years to its life. Reviving Dingy and Discolored Outdoor Decks 


With the outdoor living season getting underway, now's the time to get prepared for enjoyable summer days and nights on your deck with friends and family.

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