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Easy, Inexpensive Cove Lighting Uses Foam Crown Molding and LED Light Tape

Adding Dramatic Indirect Cove Lighting to a Room Has Never Been Easier

More information about the products used in this project can be found at Crown Molding LED Lighting and Creative Crown.Man testing placement of molding

What makes this remote-controlled cove lighting so easy to install is this lightweight foam crown molding and simple-to-use LED light tape.  

Specially Designed Foam Crown Molding
The crown molding I used for this project is from Creative Crown and is designed so that it can be mounted easily and securely mounted anywhere on the wall. I suggest a bit of testing to determine how far down from the ceiling to locate it for optimum effect.

Man using caulk gun to caulk molding

Molding Fastens to the Wall with Caulk – No Nails
The lightweight foam molding can be cut with any miter saw and requires no nails, screws, or fasteners of any kind. It’s easily mounted to the wall with an ordinary painter’s caulk or a high-tack adhesive. I suggest striking a chalk line on the wall to simplify placement.

Electrical outlet with cover plate and receptacle Power Comes from Any Electrical Receptacle – Wires are HiddenElectrical power for the LED lighting can come from any nearby wall receptacle. I didn’t want any wires visible, so I ran them inside the wall. The video demonstrates an easy way to do this. A cable plate was used to cover the lower wall opening.

Man placing LED lights behind crown molding to create cove lighting

LED Light Tape Plugs in – Can Be Trimmed to Any Length
LED lighting devices have gotten more and more compact. The LED tape I used for this project came from Crown Molding LED Lighting and is unsurpassed for its slim profile, lightweight, ease of installation, and light output. The pressure-sensitive adhesive backing allows it to be stuck directly onto the molding.man holding remote control

Lights Can Be Controlled Remotely
Not only can these LED lights be dimmed and brightened with a compact, wireless remote control unit, but they can be set to a variety of flashing patterns… just in case you want to introduce a disco mode into your next party.

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