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Embossed Ceiling Tiles Add Elegance to a Room


These Lightweight, Polystyrene Foam Ceiling Panels are Inexpensive and
Remarkably Easy to Install

This post is in partnership with Decorative Ceiling Tiles. The opinions and recommendations are my own.

For more information on the decorative ceiling tiles featured in this video click here.

Adding a three-dimensional pattern to a ceiling not only gives the room more interest, it can actually change the way you feel when you’re in that room.  In this case, I installed the ceiling panels in our dining room and, even though the furniture is a bit on the formal side, the space now feels warmer, cozier and more inviting.

Many Choices  Step one was to choose what kind of look we wanted.  My wife and I visited the Decorative Ceiling Tiles website where we found dozens of possibilities.  Since we preferred something on the simpler side, we ended up choosing a design from the company’s La Maison collection.

Layout is Important  Ceiling tiles, like floor tiles are generally installed from the center outward.  Finding the center of a ceiling is simply a matter of measuring, locating and marking the center of each wall then snapping a chalk line between the center marks on opposite walls.


No Fasteners Needed  These tiles are extremely lightweight, so much so that they are held firmly in place with a high-tack adhesive applied to the back with a caulking gun.

Begin in the Middle  Using the snapped chalk lines as a guide, I started in the center of the room and worked outward.  I made sure the tile edges touched each other, the corners aligned and that I followed the chalked guidelines.  Putting up the full tiles went quite quickly.

Cutting is Easy  A standard utility knife (I prefer the kind with the snap-off blades) is all that’s needed for cutting the tiles around the edge of the room or to cut openings for light fixtures and heating or air conditioning ducts.

Finishing Touches  Once installed, the joints can be sealed with painters’ acrylic caulk.  I did perform this step, although, in my case, the joints were quite tight even without it.  The tiles can be painted after installation or can be ordered pre-painted from Decorative Ceiling Tiles.

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