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Four Super Screws That are Absolute Winners

International Builders' Show Report

This post is in partnership with GRK Fasteners. All opinions are my own.

Once again, I'm truly amazed at the design and engineering that goes into a screw. Here are four examples.

Screw Within a Screw
GRK’s Top Star shim screw is designed to replace conventional shims when installing door and window frames as well as built-in cabinets. Actually a screw within a screw, it allows the frame to be adjusted in or out until perfectly plumb. Watch the video to fully understand how it works.

Concrete Screw Actually Cuts Threads
The company’s concrete screw, which they call the Caliburn, features a very aggressive thread that drives easily into concrete. It requires no anchor and actually cuts threads into the concrete allowing a screw to be removed and reinserted into the same hole numerous times without the fastener breaking or the threads wearing out.

Disappearing Composite Deck Screw That’s Easy Going
While not completely invisible, GRK’s  Kameleon deck screw comes in six different colors to blend with just about any surface. Even in composite decking, this fastener requires no pre-drilling. Special threads on the shank, called CEE threads, allow the screw to drive easily and eliminating the surface “mushrooming” effect commonly seen with conventional composite deck screws.

A Lag Screw with No Pre-Drilling
It’s fascinating to watch GRK’s Rugged Structural Screw or RSS at work. The fastener comes in lengths up to twenty inches and, even at that size, it easily burrows into even hardwood without the need for pre-drilling. What’s more, the CEE threads reduce friction on the unthread portion of the shank giving the screw amazing drawing power. Check the video to see it in action.


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