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How To Avoid Compacted Sawdust When Using A Hole Saw

The solution for eliminating sawdust build-up around your hole saw

Man using hole sawHole saws (often also referred to as hole cutters) are ring-shaped blades that when attached to a drill can create a perfect circle. They typically have a pilot drill bit at their center to keep the teeth stable.

The main advantage over conventional drill bits is that the hole saw can create holes without having to cut up the core material. This makes it very efficient whether you are cutting into wood, plastic, metal, or even ceramic tile. Additionally, cutting a hole with a hole saw is smooth and clean (as opposed to using a spade bit, for example)

If you are cutting into softwood or particle board, you may experience that the sawdust tends to build up in the hole saw’s teeth. This can be troublesome because the teeth will stop cutting and it can create a lot of extra heat. 

In this video, I’ll show you a very simple technique that can avoid this problem. The result will be a much smoother and faster cut with no burning. 

What You’ll Need

A ¾ inch drill bit 

What You’ll Need To Do

The goal of what we are creating here is a space for the sawdust to collect so that it doesn't build up on your hole saw. 

To start, score the surface of the matsoft wood with a hole in it to collect sawdusterial being drilled. Then, remove the hole saw and install a ¾ inch drill bit and tighten the chuck.

Drill a hole on the very edge of the hole-saw score line. This hole will collect the dust

being created by the hole-saw, preventing it from getting trapped between the teeth.

The result is an operation that will allow you to work faster and smoother without burning. It only takes about a minute to do, but it will avoid your hole saw from clogging with sawdust and make for an easier job. 

So, if you’ve been having trouble with your hole saw getting clogged with sawdust, you might want to try this technique. Feel free to leave a comment on Ron Hazelton’s HouseCalls Facebook Page and tell me how you liked it! If you enjoyed this tip, you may also like my article about How To Enlarge A Hole with a Hole Saw

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