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Industrial Floating Shelves Add a Design Flair To Any Room


A Shelving Idea To Inspire You

Contemporary and industrial floating shelves are very popular right now. Free-floating shelves are an ideal way to add a design element to a room while maintaining functionality and organization. Perfect for just about any room in the house – from the kitchen, living room, bathroom, or home office.

Industrial style floating shelfIn the past, I’ve concentrated on making the hardware pretty much invisible. However, in this project, we are purposefully accentuating the mounting hardware. This floating shelf mounting hardware resembles an adjustable C-clamp, giving it an industrial look. This trending design is versatile enough to use with various shelving materials like painted MDF, prefinished melamine, or standard 2x10 planks. 

Need some ideas on how to arrange your floating shelves? Read more and find out how to mount them onto your wall.  

How should I arrange my floating shelves?

Floating shelves look best when they’re at eye level, so they become a natural focal point of the room. This position immediately draws attention to the items on display. If you’re wondering how many shelves you should use, I’d consider the size of the room and if/how you would be using the items on that shelf. A smaller room could benefit from a single floating shelf to visually anchor the room. On the other hand, rooms with larger walls, open concepts, or high ceilings allow more flexibility in the way you may want to decide where to put your floating shelves. 

Staggered alignment:

Traditionally, shelves have been positioned straight up and down. This is great for bookshelves, but if you want a more eye-catching layout, you may want to consider a staggered approach. Staggering your shelves along a wall gives you the opportunity to create a unique layout, and adds intrigue, especially to larger walls. This layout works to create a focal point in living rooms, family rooms, or even a home office. 

Linear alignment

Man uses stud finder Lining up your floating shelves is a beautiful way to display organized storage. For example, open kitchen shelving is a clever way to show off collections of dishware, drinkware, coffee mugs, or cookbooks. It keeps these items handy while adding clean lines to the space. In the bathroom, it can create a space for spa-like toiletries all within reach. Floating shelves showcase these items while maintaining functionality in the space. 

How to Mount Floating Shelves:

Step One: The first step is to use an electronic stud finder to locate the wall’s studs where you want to mount the brackets.

Step Two: While centering the bracket over the stud location, mark the mounting holes and bore a pilot hole. (Note: In areas without a stud, you’ll want to choose the right wall anchor for improved stability.)

Step 3: With thMan holds floating shelfe brackets in place, I reinstall the movable clamp jaws. Simply place my shelving material and tighten the knob on the hardware. 

Whichever room you choose to mount these floating shelves in your home, it is simple and easy to install yourself. Consider adding a contemporary and industrial flair with these floating shelves.

For more information on the brackets and shelves used in this video visit the Federal Brace website or click the direct links below:
Floating Shelf Clamp
2 Clamps + Pine Shelf
2 Clamps + Maple Shelf
2 Clamps + Black MDF Shelf

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