November 07, 2019

Innovative New Tool Quickly Removes Wood and Tile Floors, Wood Trim and More

Unique Design Requires Less Effort and Avoids Damage to Materials and Surfaces

Recently, I tried out the Floor Lifter™ from ZENITH INDUSTRIES. As its name implies, this tool excels at lifting floors. But the truth is, it’s a standout for any job that requires pulling, prying or lifting.

Zenith floor lifter lifts up tile

Center Wedge Breaks the Cement Bond on Ceramic Tile
Used with a hammer, the tool is driven under tough to remove ceramic tile. The built-in wedge applies more and more upward force until the cement bond underneath is broken.


Man using Zenith Industries Floor Lifter to remove wooden flooring

Works Remarkably Well on Wood Floors
The separating power of the integrated wedge is remarkably effective when it comes to taking up wood floors. Often the boards come up intact with the fasteners still embedded.


Floor lifter lifting tileExtension Handle is Kind to the Back and Knees
The Floor Lifter™ is available with a steel extension handle that in many cases eliminates the need for a hammer. It speeds up demolition considerably while enabling work from a standing position.

Man using Zenith Industries Floor Lifter to remove baseboard

Ideal for Removing Interior Woodwork
The tool easily removes baseboards, door and window casings, chair rail molding, and more. What’s more, it does so without damaging either the trim work or the wall. Fitted with the extension handle, the Floor Lifter quickly removes crown molding without the need for a ladder.

Man using Zenith Industries Floor Lifter to remove popcorn ceilingA Good Choice for Popcorn Ceiling Removal
By screwing a standard painter’s extension pole into the threaded end of the tool, it can be used to scrape off unwanted acoustic ceilings. Again, the extension pole allows the user to work without a ladder and out of the way of falling debris.

I also used the Floor Lifter to level base cabinets during installation and to remove exterior siding and stubborn carpet tack strips. Given a bit more time, I’m sure I’ll come up with even more ways to take advantage of this versatile piece of gear.

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