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Make Your Own Custom Walkway with Reusable Concrete Forms


DIY Pathway Maker is Versatile and Easy to Use

This post is in partnership with Quikrete. All opinions are my own.

There’s something about a winding stone or brick pathway that just invites us to follow it. Walkways that meander among flower beds, border gardens or pass gracefully through an arbor or gate add immensely to the charm of a home’s landscaping.

Laying conventional stone or brick pathways can be work-intensive and time-consuming. There is, however, an appealing alternative.

Removing a Quikrete Walkmaker Plastic mold to reveal nicely shaped stonesReusable Plastic Form is the Key
Quikrete’s Walkmaker system features a reusable two-foot by two-foot plastic form or mold that can be set in place, filled with concrete, and then lifted off leaving nicely shaped stones or bricks. The form is then rotated a quarter turn, placed next to the previously made section and the process repeated. The rotation allows the sections to seamlessly interlock with one another creates a random look (important for the stone patterns).

To make things simple, Quikrete has designed the system so that one 80-lb bag of concrete fills one form. The company recommends its fiber-reinforced concrete mixture which minimizes shrinkage cracking and improves impact resistance. A project can be done in its entirety or a few bags at a time depending on the time available.   

Placing the Quikrete Walmaker mold onto the bare groundPreparation is Surprisingly Simple
Surface preparation for a molded concrete walkway like this is minimal – just remove sod, debris, and protruding rocks. The individual stones or bricks created using Walkmaker follow the natural contours of the ground.

For maximum strength and durability, the concrete should be water cured. All that’s really involved is occasionally misting the newly minted walkway with a garden nozzle for three or four days. Alternatively, Quikrete’s acrylic concrete curing seal can be applied with a pump sprayer, roller, or brush. In addition to eliminating the need for water curing, the seal protects the surface from oil, grease, or food spills.

Five bottles of Quikrete liquid cement in different colorsColor is Quick and Easy
Quikrete also makes a line of liquid cement colors that can be added directly to the mixing water to create a wide range of hues and tones.

Watch the video for more details and to get an idea of the workflow.


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