October 01, 2016

Power Rake Sucks Up Leaves, Clippings and Lawn Debris Amazingly Fast

It’s Like Vacuuming Your Lawn.

Cyclone vaccum lawn tractor The Cyclone Rake is a pull-behind lawn and leaf vacuum that connects to your riding mower. It features an onboard, commercial-grade engine that is capable of delivering far greater vacuum and mulching power than a mower alone.

The Cyclone Rake can be fitted to virtually all mowers and tractors. The collection bin can hold 200 to 400 gallons of leaves, grass, and other lawn debris, depending on the model.  Despite its large capacity, the power rake is surprisingly maneuverable. For inaccessible areas like flower beds, shrub areas, and basement window wells, a large diameter flexible hose that connects directly to the onboard engine and vacuum, allowing lawn debris to be collected from even the most hard-to-reach places.

Unloading can be done by tippman using hose from cyclone lawn tractor ing up the collector (a maximum of 60 degrees) or by using the vacuum hose to extract the load and deposit it wherever wanted.  See the video for a demonstration.

The unit is surprisingly compact to store.  It can be folded up flat, eight inches thick, and hung on a garage, basement, or shed wall.  Available from Woodland Power Products

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