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PVC Tiles Are A Stunning Way to Hide Outdated Popcorn Ceilings

An Easy, Inexpensive, No-Mess Way to Be Rid of Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceiling

In the era of American Bandstand and the Twist, popcorn ceilings were all the rage. These days, the “cottage cheese” look is something many homeowners would rather do without.

If you have an acoustic ceiling, copper and pvc ceiling tilesyou really have three choices: live with it, remove it (a somewhat messy job) or cover it up. There are several ways to hide the bumpy surface but using lightweight PVC ceiling tiles is one of the easiest and quickest and a terrific DIY option.

Online destinations like DecorativeCeilingTiles.net offer a wide array of colors and patterns that can be easily installed by homeowners with no previous experience. Today’s PVC ceiling tiles come in all sorts of designs, from traditional or classic to the contemporary and modern. Take a look, you may be surprised.

As long as the existing acoustic ceiling is in good condition (not peeling of flaking away), it does not require any preparation.  Before starting, though, it is important to decide on a layout that takes into account the position of overhead light fixtures, the width of border tiles and irregular room shapes.

Applying adhesive to PVC tile Most installations will begin at the center of the room then working outward toward the walls. The tiles are held in place with a water-based, quick grab adhesive that allows for sideways sliding to make minor adjustments in position. While this project can be done by one person, many folks find it easier with two – one applying the adhesive and the other pressing the tiles into position on the ceiling.Two men installing decorative celing PVC tile

Cutouts for light boxes and vents or trimming border tiles to width can be done with a good pair of scissors.

For a final touch, polystyrene cove moldings add an attractive detail. All-in-all, this is an undertaking that can be completed in as little as a day and requires no special tools. The PVC Decorative Ceiling Tiles end result speaks for itself.

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