March 26, 2018

Remove Unwanted Molly Bolt Wall Anchors Without Damaging Drywall

Method 1:  Straighten the Sleeve

Screw the bolt partway into the sleeve.  Tap the bolt head using a hammer.  The sleeve which is flared on the back side of the wallboard will straighten out and can be easily pulled out from the front. 


Method 2:  Drill Off the Sleeve Collar

This method uses a 3/8” drill bit which is inserted into the bolt hole.  Run the drill a moderate speed and the bit will detach from the sleeve, allowing it to drop inside the wall.


Method 3:  Drive the Molly Bolt Below the Surface

Back the bolt completely out of the sleeve, then, using a hammer, preferably a ball peen hammer, drive the collar on the sleeve slightly below the surface of the wallboard, creating a shallow dimple.  Fill the dimple with spackle.

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