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Spring Lawn Care Alert

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The Right Spring Lawn Care Sets You Up For A Healthy Yard All Season Long.

brown lawnWell, spring is here. At least, that’s what the calendar says.  My lawn, though, seems to be lagging behind a bit.  Some of it is greening up, but other spots have yet to wake up from winter hibernation.   That’s right, lawns do hibernate or “go to sleep “ during the winter mostly because they simply don’t get enough water.  In turning brown, they conserve moisture.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to do whatever I can to coax my yard back into the luxurious green carpet I know it can be.

It starts in the fall, Getting my lawn to look its best in spring actually started last fall when I applied fertilizer.  Also, I made sure fallen tree leaves were removed.  Accumulated tree leaves on top of the lawn not only rot and cause mildew, they block needed sunlight and keep it from reaching the grass.

Then, early this spring, I applied a pre-emergent weed control that won’t affect established grass but will keep new weeds from germinating.

What I do to my lawn over the coming weeks will have a big impact on how it looks for the rest of the season. Of course, I’ll be applying a balanced, slow-release fertilizer and weed control as needed, but that’s just the beginning.

One of the first things to do is remove leaves, small twigs and other debris that have accumulated over the winter.

Those brown patches that may have died during the cold weather will need to be re-seeded.  I’ll want to do this as early as possible, so the new grass can catch up with the established lawn.

Grass tends to grow quickly with warmer weather and spring rain.  The idea is to mow often enough to keep the lawn at optimal length for healthy growth while making sure my mower blade is sharp so that the grass is cut cleanly and not shredded.

four Husqvarna lawn toolsGoing cordless electric. Having a top-notch yard also means keeping the grass well-trimmed near objects, around edges and on uneven ground. This is a job for a good string trimmer.

Shrubs and bushes will need shaping and trimming since they contribute to the overall appearance of the lawn.

I plan to accomplish all this using battery-operated tools.  This season I’m going to be using several from Husqvarna.

Why cordless electric equipment?  Well, for one thing it’s so much quieter.  Given the choice, I’d rather listen to chirping birds than the annoying whine of a leaf blower or string trimmer.  

Cordless tools don’t emit unpleasant fumes or vapors.  That’s good for me and the environment.

Better battery and brushless motor. Battery-operated lawn tools are convenient – no trips for fuel and no messy mixing of gas and oil.  You may be thinking, yes, but how long will they run on a charge.  The Husqvarna tools I’ll be using are powered by interchangeable 40-volt, high-performance, lithium-ion batteries and have highly efficient brushless motors.   All this, Husqvarna claims, delivers runtimes as long a tank of gas, I’ll be checking that out.

Well, it’s time to get to work.  I’ll give you an update in few weeks show you how things turned out.

                                  My Lawn Tool Arsenal

It's competition time.  I'm one of three contestants in a "Yard Wars" contest being held by Husqvarna.  In a few weeks, I'll unveil my entry and, hopefully, earn your vote. Keep watching.

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