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The Best Way To Organize Zip Ties


 A DIY Organizational System for Zip Ties 

Zip Tie OrganizerZip ties are useful for just about anything around the house. I’ve used them to repair, hold down, bundle, lock, and even create things. But I’ve never been really happy with the way I store them. It looks messy and it’s hard to find the size I want when I need it. Right here, I’ll show you a clever way to organize and store them.

Introduced to the world in 1958 by an electrical company, they were originally used to harness airplane wires. As anyone can imagine, wiring an aircraft seems like a complex task. These zip ties (originally called Ty-Rap) were useful in making that process a little bit easier. The tooth of the original design was made of metal, but it was later changed to plastic. You can still find metal-toothed cable ties these days, which are used for heavier applications. Now, most cable ties are made of Nylon®, invented by the Man holding PVC pipeAmerican company Dupont in 1937. Nylon® is one of the most widely used synthetic thermoplastics globally for its high strength, high dimensional stability, and high abrasion resistance. The zip ties we know today are made with this plastic and have a side with teeth that interact with the other end that simulates a ratchet. 

What materials do I need?

  • PVC pipe
  • A piece of PVC trim
  • Hot melt glue

To build your zip tie organizational system, it takes a little planning to figure out how many lengths of zip ties you have. I divided my zip ties by length to determine how many storage compartments I need. I’m going to need some at 6, 8, and 10 inches. 

With my miter saw, I clamp a stop-lock at those distances. This will ensure that sections of the same length are identical. 

Man using hot glue on PVC pipeOnce I’ve made my cuts, I apply hot melt glue to the ends and place each down, one at a time, on the base in a line.

Now I can easily find whatever type or size zip tie I need, and it’s also portable so I can take it anywhere I need. 

An organized workspace is often a successful one. You may enjoy this idea to organize your nails and screws.

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