July 31, 2015

Unique Pry Tool Quickly Removes Wood Trim without Damaging Either the Trim or Walls

Two Innovative Features Give this Tool a Real Edge Over Conventional Pry Bars.

This post is in partnership with Zenith Industries.  The opinions are my own.

For more information on the Trim Puller featured in this video click here.

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Wider design means more leverage.  The Trim Puller by Zenith Industries works differently from other pry bars.  The wide blade is designed to be driven behind trim and rocked side to side rather than tipped up and down.  This action creates considerably more leverage, detaching trim quickly and with minimal effort.




Integrated wedge boosts prying power.  As the Trim Puller is being driven in, a built-in wedge exerts gradual but powerful pressure on the surfaces being pried apart.  A precision-ground, beveled edge allows the blade to engage the joint and drive in easily.



Good for wood.  The tool is at its best removing shoe molding, baseboard, wainscoting, door casing and just about any other kind of architectural or decorative trim – leaving it intact and able to be re-used.




Works on other materials, too.  The beveled edge and integrated wedge also make the Trim Puller well suited for removing ceramic tile, literally popping it off the substrate.  The tools is also handy for prying off carpet tack strip and transition strip and for taking up pre-finished flooring that’s been stapled or nailed down.

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