May 31, 2019

Warm Weather Outdoor Project Ideas

Finished Outdoor Serving Bar

Fun Projects for Outdoor Living

There's still plenty of great weather ahead. Here are some DIY projects that will add enjoyment to your outdoor living.

Wooden pergola outside with adirondack chairs and plants Creating a cozy shaded area will keep you and your guests cool while offering protection from the sun. Building a pergola, either free standing or attached to your house or patio, is a great way to do this. Pergolas are visually appealing and, since they are relatively open, they allow you to see the sky and feel a breeze...the best of both worlds. How to Build a Free Standing Pergola or  How to Build a Perogola Attached to a House and Over a Patio
Inside View of outdoor serving bar

A wonderful way to boost the entertainment value of your outdoor living area is to create an attractive place to store and serve beverages. This DIY free-standing outdoor serving bar is the perfect solution. It's easy to build and breaks down into three portable, easy-to-store pieces for compact storage. It assembles quickly and easily on a deck, patio, or yard. How to Build an Outdoor Serving Bar

Wooden outdoor showerIf you live close to the beach or have a pool you may want to consider putting in an outdoor shower enclosure. This one is built from readily available stock materials. Two layers of slats maintain ventilation while providing privacy.  It's ideal for washing off salt and sand and doubles as a handy changing area. How to Build an Outdoor shower Enclosure

Wooden footbridge outside If you have a creek, pond or ditch in your yard a wooden foot bridge may be the perfect way to add charm and a convenient crossing point. This structure is sturdy and self-supporting with stout, comfortable handrails. A foot bridge can act as a gateway to a garden or special section of the yard. Easy to build, this bit of outdoor architecture is both attractive and practical. How to Build a Wooden Foot Bridge

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