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Could Your Garage Be Beckoning Burglars?


How Crooks Get in and How to Keep Them Out

This post is in partnership with Chamberlain. All opinions are my own.

When thieves gain access to your garage, it’s not only the contents inside that are at risk, your entire home can be exposed. Once a burglar has broken into an attached garage, he can turn his attention to the doorway that leads into your house, working undisturbed and out of sight. What’s more, in some cases, thieves actually back their own vehicle into the garage and load it up with stolen property, all the while unseen.

Fishing for a Way In
Overhead garage door openers have emergency release mechanisms that can be snagged from the outside using something as simple as a bent coat hanger. It’s a technique called "fishing". Attaching an easy-to-make shield to the release mechanism can thwart those on a fishing expedition. The video shows you how.

Lock ‘em up.  Lock ‘em all up.
If you’re planning to be away for several days or more consider paddocking your overhead door.  On most models, there is a sliding bolt that passes through the door track. All entry doors into the garage from the outside will be most secure if they’re equipped with dead bolts. And finally, any doors leading from the garage into the house should be kept locked from the inside. 

Deny Prying Eyes. Block the View.
Windows and glass paned doors allow anyone to peer inside you garage and see what’s there.  Put up frosted film on the inside of windows and reinforce doors with a grate or even a piece of plywood.

There’s Security in New Garage Door Openers
Modern garage door opening systems can, in themselves, enhance garage security.  The Chamberlain system seen in the video incorporates the company's MyQ technology and offers several smart features including the ability to have the door close automatically should you forget.  Also available is a remote wireless monitor that permits you to open or close your garage door from anywhere in your home.   When you’re on the go, an easily installed internet gateway enables you to check the status of your door or operate it from just about anywhere using a mobile device.

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