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New Storm Doors Have Many Features


When it comes to choosing a storm and screen door, there are a lot of options to choose from. Let's take a look at some. Some storm and screen doors like these traditional designs are the focal point of the entryway. Others, like these full view models are intended to show off the entry door behind.

There are glass options too, like this etched glass design. State-of-the-art storm and screen doors are designed to work year round. And going from glass to screen has never been easier. Releasing the catch and lifting the handle frees the clear glass panel for easy removal. The screen simply drops into the frame and is secured by flipping the handle back down. With this self-storing design, the glass slides smoothly into the bottom of the door, as a retractable screen drops into place.

Now, not all screens are created equal. This is a standard screen right here, but this is a high visibility screen, practically invisible. For energy saving, storm doors offer double glass and dual weather stripping on both the door and the door frame. Push button closers keep the door open with a quick tap of your toe and release it with a gentle push. 

Well, today's storm and screen doors truly are doors for all seasons. In the winter, they can improve the energy efficiency of your entrance door by as much as 67 percent. And in the summer, they offer cooling breezes and unobstructed views.


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