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Things To Do in Early Spring to Get Your Yard Ready

Beautiful green lawn

Things to do in early spring to help give Mother Nature a head start

Spring is a time for new beginings and the pefect time to get your yard ready for the summer. There are seveal things you can do in early spring to help give Mother Nature a head start.

Scoop of soil for soil testing Your lawn can only be as good as the earth in which it grows. If you grass is not looking as healthy as it could, maybe it is time to test the soil? Basic tests are available to see whether the soil is too acidic or too alkaline, to detect levels of soluble salt that can come from lawn water or fertilizers, and to measure important lawn nutrients like phosphorus and potassium. Here's the video: How to Test the Soil in Your Yard

Spreading lawn fertilizer
Once you've checked your soil it's time to start lawn care. The right spring lawn care sets you up for a healthy yard all season long. This season my lawn seems to be lagging behind a bit.  Some of it is greening up, but other spots have yet to wake up from winter hibernation.  That’s right, lawns do hibernate or “go to sleep “ during the winter mostly because they simply don’t get enough water.  In turning brown, they conserve moisture. Check out my tips here: Spring Lawn Care Alert

If you liMan opening cold frame outdoorske planting flowers and vegtables why not build a cold frame greenhouse? It can save money by allowing plants to be started earlier in the spring and later transplanted into open ground. A cold frame functions as a miniature greenhouse to extend the growing season.  They create microclimates that provide higher air and soil temperatures while sheltering young plants from wind. How to Make a Cold Frame Greenhouse


After aMan pushing lawn mowerll the weeding, feeding watering and spot over-seeding learn how to manage the growing all season long. For the most part, this means proper feeding, effective weed control and mowing and trimming in ways that keep things looking good while encouraging healthy growth. How I Got My Best Yard Ever

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