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Three Different Ways to Screw a Bolt into Wood


Can You Screw a Bolt into Wood?

Yes, it is possible to screw a bolt into wood. Bolts provide the best holding strength compared to screws and other fasteners. The reason bolts are so strong is because of their threads which secure them tightly into a space. They provide a durable grip and come in a variety of types and sizes. Wood is one material that you can use to screw a bolt for projects where you need a powerful fastener. In this video, I’ll demonstrate three difMan demonstrates how to screw a bolt into woodferent ways that you can screw a bolt into wood. 

A question I get asked often is when should you use bolts instead of screws or nails? The short answer is that it depends on your project and what you are trying to accomplish. 

Compared to nails and screws, bolts offer the best holding power. They have tough grip strength, and the ability to draw materials together. They are ideal for projects that involve pieces where you want them fastened under compression.

Nails have a great deal of shear strength, perfect for projects that need to withstand side-to-side movement. Unlike nails, screws have grip strength because of their threads. Screws are especially a good choice for projects where force bears down vertically on the fastener. Decking is one example where you would want to use screws because walking is placing vertical force on the planks. It’s sometimes difficult to choose even among screws, but these four super screws can help make your decision easier. 

To decide which fastener to use, you need to consider whether your project is considered light, medium, or heavy-duty and how the load is being put on the fastener. Screws are best for light and medium-strength construction projects like woodworking and furniture assembly. Because bolts offer so much holding strength, you’ll want to use them when you need that extra force. 

How can I screw a bolt into wood? Here are three different ways to screw a bolt into wood. 

1. How to screw a bolt into wood using a threaded insert: Man demonstrates how to screw a bolt into wood

The first step is to select a drill bit with a diameter that is the same as the unthreaded portion of the insert shaft. With a drill press, create a hole where you can insert the threaded insert. A bolt can now be screwed into the internal threads.

2. How to screw a bolt into wood using a T-nut:

Man demonstrates how to screw a bolt into woodLike the threaded insert, you’ll need a hole the same size as the outside of the T-nut shaft. Drill your hole all the way through so that the T-nut can go from the back side of the wood. Insert the shaft of the T-nut into the hole and drive the prongs into the wood, threading the fastener from the top side. 

3. How to screw a bolt into wood by creating threads (no hardware):

If you don’t have the hardware, you can create threads in the wood. Man demonstrates how to screw a bolt into wood

Select a drill bit that’s at least 50 percent larger than the bolt for which the threads are being made. Drill the hole deep enough to accommodate the threads on the bolt.

Using a polyester resin, fill the hole completely. Using aerosol silicone, spray the bolt for which the threads are being made. The silicone prevents the bolt from bonding to the resin, leaving a set of perfectly matched threads.

Now you know three ways to screw a bolt into wood. Here’s a tip, while you are working keep track of nails, bolts, and metal objects

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